Nerds for Good: Ethics & Impact

Additional Pylons is committed to using our small platform to impact positively. If you have recommendations how we can do better, we’d love to hear from you.

You can also contact our executive suite anonymously.

Land Acknowledgements

While we do not have a physical office space, we acknowledge that our company founders and employees reside on indigenous land, obtained unethically from the ancestral sxʷəbabš band of the current day Puyallup Tribes and the Snohomish people of the Tulalip tribes.

You can make a donation to the Tulalip Foundation at The Tulalip Foundation :: Donate Page for Giving.

A map image of the surrounding Seattle areas; ancestral land of Puyallup Tribes and the Snohomish people of the Tulalip tribes

Nonprofit Impact

Additional Pylons is committed to keeping a 1:1 ratio or better of pro-bono to paid clients — every time we take on a paying contract, we find a small nonprofit to perform free labor for. During 2021, our team members performed over $14,000 in free services for nonprofits.

Logo for Pledge 1%: the text word Pledge in grey with 1% in large yellow text
Take the Pledge!

Our team is honored to Pledge 1% of our profits and 1% of our services annually.

Together, Additional Pylons and over 10,000 other members in 100 countries have used Pledge 1%’s flexible framework to ignite half a billion dollars in new philanthropy.

Volunteer Impact

Giving back is baked into our company culture — our founders met volunteering!

Since Additional Pylons launched in February 2021, our small staff and their families have volunteered more than 350 hours of their own time with nonprofits and in their local communities.

A selfie style photo of Additional Pylons founder, Dawson, and 1 year old son, both wearing Team Rubicon shirts. A canopy booth is set up behind them.
Our CEO, Dawson, and her son volunteering with Team Rubicon.

Diversity and Inclusion

We acknowledge that we benefit from the privileges afforded to a white-owned company. Employees are encouraged to actively seek accessibility, inclusion, and diversity trainings and we offer full reimbursement for our employees who attend paid DEI programs.

Employees and interns pick their own devices, at company expense, to ensure everyone is using the products that they are best adapted to.

We believe it’s important that our success is shared with all employees. We grow our team slowly because we ensure every employee is paid a comfortable living wage and receives the same benefits package as our executive staff.


Additional Pylons is committed to minimizing our carbon footprint — it’s part of the reason we love remote work! We prioritize waste-reduction methods such as reusable business cards and do not purchase merchandising in bulk.