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About Us

Additional Pylons was co-founded by two US military veterans and their families, who met through volunteering.

Our team knows how important nonprofits and small businesses are to building great communities, which is why we built a company dedicated to helping them.

We help great missions go further with Microsoft 365 technology, so they can do more good stuff.

Alyssa Dawson wearing glasses and smiling, in front of a backdrop of green leaves
CEO & Chief Consultant
(any pronouns)
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Alyssa Dawson

Dawson spent decades combining her passions for storytelling, technology, and leadership at various nonprofits and Fortune 500 companies before taking the plunge into small business ownership. She’s a USAF Veteran and Microsoft Alumni that enjoys learning how information accessibility and communications intersect. Having earned her BS in Marketing and Strategic Communications from Colorado State, Dawson continues to land herself in creative, necessary, and sometimes laughably undefinable roles, keeping her focus on leadership through empowering others. Dawson is a fantasy novel bookworm, loves cooking and public speaking, has an affinity for manual cars, and will explore every corner of a video game map before moving on.

Daniel Paquette in a baseball cap and Greyshirt, baby-wearing an infant who has a big flower bow on her head, both smiling
CTO & Senior Consultant
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Daniel Paquette

Dan is a US Army veteran with a strong background in field technology, electrical, and networking systems. An active volunteer with both local and national organizations, Dan was also the Director of Operations for a local nonprofit that helped put essential items in the hands of people that needed them most. When he’s not at the keyboard working, Dan enjoys gaming, hunting, and exploring the great outdoors with his friends, family, and fellow volunteers. He and Brooke have two daughters that look forward to being our interns someday!

Brooke Paquette smiling in a brown hat and a green Seahawks scarf
Finance Manager & SharePoint Consultant
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Brooke Paquette

Brooke is AP’s money-manager, financial-figurehead, and currency-commander. No stranger to the world of expenses prior to coming to AP, Brooke has maintained a volunteer leader role with a national disaster response nonprofit for many years helping events and boot-on-the-ground alike get off on the right…foot. A jack-of-all-trades, Brooke is a SharePoint developer in her own right with a keen eye for design and a passion for making resources easier for the-not-so-tech-savvy users to understand. She loves hand-made holiday ornaments and a good murder mystery!

Brad Ervin and his son on a single bicycle, on an outdoor trail. Both are wearing sunglasses and making funny faces.
Business Administration & Strategy
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Brad Ervin

Like all of us at AP, Brad’s careers have run the gamut; from case management for federal inmates to multi-million dollar account management, Brad’s ability to intake, sort, and get others acting on information is uncanny. His hobbies hit across a similarly wide range — you’re just as likely to find Brad bingeing an entire director’s movie catalog as you are to find him flying past you on a bike trail. He enjoys concerts, traveling, and smokin’ meats (he’ll tell you the best brisket rub is just salt and pepper!). Brad has a BA in Business Administration, an AA in Audio Production, and keeps all of us at AP on track, on time, and running smoothly.

Security Consultant
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Brian Shepherd

Brian and our CEO go way back — all the way back to military training! Once a USAF aircraft fuel systems mechanic and now a veteran himself, Brian has found his passion working in cybersecurity and quickly became invaluable to Additional Pylons and our clients. He’s not one to go “phishing” for compliments and enjoys playing video games and spending time with his daughters. He looks forward to traveling more and earning various technical certifications. Brian loves sharing information so make sure to follow him on LinkedIn for lots of cybersecurity tips and information!

What’s it like to work for the Additional Pylons team?

We work with important missions and a lot of sensitive data, so we only bring on people we can really trust. That also means we trust our teammates to create their own schedules – they work when they need to, and don’t when they don’t need to.

In addition to flexible scheduling, Additional Pylons offers unlimited PTO, professional development reimbursement, access to accessibility and DEI training, choose-your-own devices (CYOD), and annual company sponsored retreats. We encourage taking time off for volunteering, voting, and civil & public services. Additional Pylon’s consultants may take on pro-bono clients at will. Learn more on our Ethics & Impact page.

4 people from the Additional Pylons team, seated in camping chairs on a beach
AP’s First Annual Retreat at Ocean Shores, WA

Because we build the best intranets, our teams are able to work from anywhere.

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Additional Pylons is a veteran-owned consulting firm working with nonprofits and social impact focused small businesses to build accessible intranets, leveraging the power of Microsoft 365 cloud services like Office 365, SharePoint Online, and Teams.